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PSE Session 2006

gSession on Innovative and Collaborative Problem Solving Environment

in Distributed Resourcesh

in conjunction with International Conference on e-Science and Grid Technologies Dec. 4-6, 2006 Amsterdam, Netherlands (

December 4-6, 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Problem Solving Environment (PSE) is a newly emerging scientific and technological active area in eScience. PSEs provide innovative computational facilities for easy incorporation of novel solution methods to solve a target class of problems in Grid environments, distributed and heterogeneous resources, collaborative environments and so on. Key issues addressed in this Session include PSE for Grid, PSE for collaborations, PSE for heterogeneous distributed system management, PSE for application developments, PSE for scientific computing and PSE for education, as well as PSEs for eSceince-relating issues. PSEs provide computational facilities to solve target problems in the novel way in the fields presented above. Grid and distributed systems are complicated, and contain huge information systems including heterogeneous computer hardware resources, application softwares, middlewares, experimental instruments, and so on. The PSEs are facilities to help users work on the complicated systems. The PSE researches and technology have been intensively explored, and at present the PSEs have started to realize this PSE dream: for example, PSE for Grid deploys middleware or application software on heterogeneous distributed resources across multi sites, and PSEs for application developments may generate, for example, parallel software. Especially in U.S.A, EU and Japan Grid projects have been started and have produced fruitful results. The PSEs are also essentially important for the Grid projects. The PSEs in the Grid projects will be included in the Session. Papers relating to these PSEs in eSceince are welcome to the PSE Session. 


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PAPER submission

All paper submissions for PSE Session 2006 will be handled electronically. Authors should prepare a PDF version of their papers. Please submit the paper(s)

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as well as (Shigeo Kawata @ Utsunomiya Univ.) via e-mail. According to the role of conjunction Session, the Session papers should be prepared in the same format as the e-Science conference papers, and should adhere to a 8 page limit. Please direct any questions about the paper submission process to the Session organizing committee of PSE Session 2005.



   + Papers Due:  July 17, 2006

   + Notification of Acceptance: Sept 1, 2006

   + Camera Ready Papers Due: Sept 22, 2006

   + Session date:    December 4-6, 2006


Session Organizing Committee

- Prof. Shigeo Kawata

- Prof. Yoshio Tago

- Dr. Ryutaro Himeno

- Prof. Wu Zhang

- Dr. Kimio Miyazawa 
- Prof. John O'Callaghan 
- Prof. Yukio Umetani 

- Prof. V. K. Murthy

- Prof. Hitohide Usami

- Prof. Elias Houstis

- Prof. Mo Mu

- Prof. Efstratios Gallopoulos

- Prof. K. Joe

- Dr. Soonwook Hwang


Contact information

Prof. Shigeo Kawata 

Graduate School of Eng., Utsunomiya Univ., Yohtoh 7-1-2, 321-8585 Utsunomiya, Japan

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