Workshop on Innovative and Collaborative Problem Solving Environment in Distributed Resources

Call for Papers

Session Chairman: S. Kawata ( Utsunomiya University, Japan )


1. gProblem Solving Environment based on Grid Services: NAREGI-PSEh, H. Kanazawa1)2), Motohiro Yamada1), Yutaka Miyahara1), Yoshikazu Hayase3), Shigeo Kawata4), Hitohide Usami5) ( 1) Fujitsu Limited, Japan, 2) Kanazawa University, Japan, 3) Toyama National College of Maritime Technology, Japan, 4) Utsunomiya University, Japan, 5) National Institute of Informatics, Japan )


2. gGrid-Based PDE.Mart: A PDE-Oriented PSE for Grid Computingh, Guoyong Mao1), Mo Mu2), Wu Zhang1 Xiaobin Zhang1) ( 1) Shanghai University, China, 2) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong )



3. gA Distributed Problem Solving Environment (PSE) for Scientific Computingh, Shigeo Kawata1), Hideaki Fuju1), Hideaki Sugiura1), Yuichi Saitoh1), Yoshikazu Hayase2), Takayuki Teramoto3), Takashi Kikuchi1) ( 1) Utsunomiya University, Japan, 2) Toyama National College of Maritime Technology, Japan, 3) Tsuyama National College of Technology, Japan )



Session Chairman: Rajesh K. Chhabra ( QUT,  QPSF,  APAC, Australia )


4. gA Grid Enabled PSE for Physical Simulation: Experiences on GridPSih, Zhou Jun, Yukio Umetani ( Shizuoka University, Japan )


5. gDevelopment of Grid Middleware CyberGRIP and Its Applicationsh, Kimio Miyazwa1), Yoshimasa Kadooka1), Tomonori Yamashita2), Toshiyuki Suzuki2), Yoshio Tago3) ( 1) Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan, 2) Fujitsu Ltd., Japan, 3) Kanazawa University, Japan )


6. gDistributed Computing Middleware for Small and Medium-size Enterpriseh, by Toshiaki Ohkuma1)2) Yoichi Suzuki1), Yoshitaka Kojim1) Yoshio Tago2) ( 1) Godai Kaihatsu Corporation, Japan, 2) Kanazawa University, Japan )


Session Chairman: Ryutaro Himeno ( Riken, Japan )


7. gDeveloping Reusable Portals for Scripted Scientific Codesh, Brett Beeson1),2), Ashley Wright1) ( 1) Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2) The University of Melbourne, Australia )


8. gDevelopment of User-friendly Supercomputing Portal in Bio Research Fieldh, Hiroaki Yuasa, Takeshi Iwasaki, Motoyoshi Kurokawa, Takayuki Shigetani, Tsuyoshi Horiki, Ryutaro Himeno ( RIKEN, Japan )


9. gDevelopment of New Method of Primer Design Based on Genomewide for SNP Typing under Problem Solving Environment on Gridh, Takashige Oroguchi1)2), Tomofumi Inoue2), Isao Tomabechi3), Yoshio Tago2) ( 1) Japan Biological Informatics Consortium, 2) Kanazawa University, 3) NovusGene Inc. )


Session Chairman: Prof. Wu Zhang
( Shanghai University, Hong Kong, P. R. China )


10. gHigh Performance Cluster Computing Using Component-Oriented Distributed Systemsh, V. K. Murthy ( RMIT University, Australia )


11. gVisualization PSE for Multi-Physics Analysis by using OpenGL API Fusion Techniqueh, Hideo Miyachi1), Marie Oshima1), Yoashitaka Ohyoshi1), Takehiro Matsuo1), Taiki Tanimae2), Nobuyuki Ohima3) ( 1) University of Tokyo, Japan, 2) Fiatlux Corporation, Japan, 3) Hokkaido University, Japan )

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12. gCollaborative Problem Solving Environment gDesk Side Laboratoryhh, Taiyo Maeda1), Yoshimasa Kadooka2), Yoshio Tago1) ( 1) Kanazawa University, Japan, 2) Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan )

Concluding Remarks: Prof. Yoshio Tago ( Kanazawa University, Japan )